Looking for talent!

If you’re looking for new challenges to test your skills and an opportunity to expand your potential, Trend4IT is the right place for you!

The projects that we work on use the latest technologies and programming languages, for instance, frontend technologies like React, Angular and Vue.js, backend technologies (.NET, Java, node.js) and mobile technologies (iOS, Android).

However, above all else, we’re looking for people with a can-do attitude and a commitment to make a positive impact in the World!



We support you in expanding their IT teams through outsourcing highly qualified professionals.
We enable our international clients to expand their teams with an off-site presence in Portugal.
We partner with you in developing software based on your specific needs, from frontend to the backend technologies, from web to mobile, we ensure the end-to-end delivery of your product.
We empower international companies to setup fully operational tech centers in Portugal.


Trend4IT works with both international and national clients, from startups to scaleups who choose Portugal as the right place to setup their tech hubs, up to multi-national companies who want to expand their partners who can support them in growing their IT teams and help them deliver high-impact tech projects.

For you, this means that you can count that you’re working with the right people who have not only the right skills but the right cultural fit to work effortlessly with your teams as well.