More than technology, our clients make a difference

Trend4IT works with both international and national clients, from startups to scaleups who choose Portugal as the right place to setup their tech hubs, up to multi-national companies who want to expand their partners who can support them in growing their IT teams and help them deliver high-impact tech projects.

Our customers are passionate about what they do and make a positive impact on the world. They know that bits and bytes alone do not make a difference. It’s the people who make the difference!

For these reasons, our customers are happy with nothing less than solutions that enables them to make a significant progress in people’s quality of life.

We support you in expanding their IT teams through outsourcing highly qualified professionals.
We enable our international clients to expand their teams with an off-site presence in Portugal.
We partner with you in developing software based on your specific needs so you can get the technology you need.
We empower international companies to setup fully operational tech centers in Portugal.